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Statement of Ethos and Values

Our Vision Statement

Chandler’s Ford Infant School is a school which seeks to develop confident, independent, caring and enquiring individuals who are prepared for the future.

We believe in fostering life long learning through providing an environment that values mutual trust and respect, honesty and equality and seeks to develop everyone’s potential.

We will provide excellent learning opportunities for all and celebrate the successes of individuals and the whole community.

We want:

Our children to be

Our school to be

A professional place which is:

Our community to be

Our Mission Statement is:  Caring Now for Future Success

The main aims of the school are to:

Equal Opportunities Statement

At Chandler’s Ford Infant School, we believe that every person, child and adult alike, is entitled to equality in all aspects of school life.

Everyone should be respected and valued equally, regardless of any differences in age, gender, ability, race, social or cultural diversity, beliefs or responsibilities.

No one in our school should feel afraid or intimidated by others for any reason.

Through this, and our underlying Equal Opportunities Policy, everyone will be expected and able to work towards providing a happy, secure and harmonious environment for all.

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We hold the Activemark 2008 We have been awarded the Arts Mark Gold We have renewed Enhanced Healthy School Status in April 2015.