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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

School Governors

On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to welcome you to Chandler's Ford Infant School.  The school is a warm, welcoming and caring place where children feel safe and happy so they can learn and grow.  All staff work very hard and are committed to making the school a success.  In the last Ofsted report it was noted that  'The school has an outstanding relationship with parents and carers, they see themselves as partners in their children's education'.
Our Governing Body consists of people from many different backgrounds including; parents, school staff, local business people and other members of the community.  The Governing Body plays a key role in the school, providing a strategic view and leadership, offering support and constructive challenge as well as holding the school accountable for the standards and quality of education it achieves.  On a  day to day basis, Governors are involved in all aspects of school life, from regular visits during school hours to manning the BBQ at the summer fete!
We look forward to meeting you and your children when we visit during school time and at school events. See below to find out more about current Governors. If you wish to get in touch with us, please do so via the school office on 023 80252655,  or email for the attention of the Chair of Governors to,  or in writing to the school address.

Governing Body was reconstituted in May 2015


Over the past year, there have been a number of changes in the governing body. Below is an introduction to the current governors.




Appointed by

Term of Office - End Date

Committee Membership


Kevin Baker Co-opted Governor GB 19.03.2021 Resources Committee GDPR Governor
Zoe Johnson Staff Governor Staff 04.07.2020 Curriculum Committee DTG (Training Governor)
Nicky Dwyer Parent Governor Parents 24.01.2020

Resources Committee

Performance Management Committee

Chair of Governors

HT Performance Panel


Caroline Hedges Parent Governor Parents 23.01.2021 Curriculum Committee  
Richard Hodgkinson Co-opted Governor GB 17.05.2019 Curriculum Committee

Chair of Curriculum Committee

English Governor

Mike Morris Co-opted Governor GB 17.05.2019

Pay Review Committee

Resources Committee

Chair of Resources Committee

Health and Safety Governor

Safeguarding, Safer Recruitment and Child Protection Governor (Lead)

Rebecca Roberts Parent Governor Parents 23.01.2021 Pay Review Committee Sports Premium & PE Governor
Monica Sherratt Co-opted Governor GB 20.09.2019

Curriculum Committee

Performance Management Committee

Linked SEND, AGT & Pupil Premium Governor

Governor for Looked After Children

Mark Saunders Local Authority Governor GB 28.09.2018

Resources Committee

Pay Review Committee

Vice Chair of Governors

Curriculum Committee

Maths Governor

Mary Strong Headteacher    

Curriculum Committee

Resources Committee

Debbie Sundborg Parent Governor Parents


Curriculum Committee

Performance Management Committee

ICT Governor

Travel Plan Liaison Governor


Governor Attendance Record for the Academic Year September 2016 to July 2017


Full Governing Body


Curriculum Committee


Resources Committee

Name Number of meetings the governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%) Number of meetings the governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%) Number of meetings the governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%)

Kevin Baker

(from May 2017)

2 2 100       3 3 100

Sarah Beasley (left Dec 16)

2 1 50       2 1 50
Carolyn Cox 6 6 100 6 6 100      
Nicky Dwyer 6 6 100       3 3 100
Andrew Ferguson (left Nov 16) 2 2 100       1 1 100

Jon Fielder

(left March 2017)

4 4 100            

Caroline Hedges (from Jan 2017)

4 4 100 3 3 100      
Lisa Holmes (Acting HT to Nov 2016) 2 2 100 2 2 100 2 2 100
Helen Hodgkinson 6 6 100            
Richard Hodgkinson 6 6 100 6 6 100      
Mike Morris 6 6 100       5 4 80
Rebecca Roberts (from Jan 2017) 4 3 75            
Mark Saunders 6 4 67 4 3 75 3 3 100
Monica Sherratt 6 4 67 6 5 83      
Debbie Sundborg (from Jan 2017) 4 4 100 3 3 100      
Mary Strong HT (from Jan 2017) 4 4 100 4 4 100 3 3 100
Alana Williams (left Nov 2016) 2 1 50       2 0 0


Governor Secure Area

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