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Autumn 2 - Year 1 Newsletter 'Space'

Welcome To Year 1 Information Leaflet

The children have made a fantastic start to their time in Year 1! They have really impressed us with how hard they are working, how well behaved and polite they are and how kind they are to their friends. It has been a fun and exciting half term so far!

This week the children designed and made a fruit salad! They thought carefully about what fruits would taste nice together and were all very sensible when using the knives to cut up the fruit.

Outdoor Day


Despite the weather, we persevered with Outdoor Day and the children had such a  fun time!

We focused our learning on hedgehogs and found out lots of facts about them online. Then we went out to the field and gathered leaves, sticks and stones to make hedgehog collages as a team.


We also did some leaf threading and made some leaf pile homes for any hedgehogs that might be nearby!

What You Can Do At Home!

  • Read with your child as often as possible, including their favourite stories

  • Help your child to practise correct letter and number formation 

  • Help your child to spell  all of the Year 1 common exception words 

             Thank you for all your continued support,   The Year 1 Team