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Welcome to Chandler's Ford Infant's School Climate in Crisis Tree. To find out more about our learning journey during this exciting project please read on to find out more. 


This year our school is involved in an exciting new Art Project with Hampshire County Council and members of the HIAS team. The idea behind this project is that it is a way for Hampshire children to use their voice, through art, to communicate how they feel about the problems of climate change. 


The Brief for this project is: 


  • To create an art installation or totem which captures the feelings of the children about climate change and environmental issues
  • To exhibit your visual arts totem at Winchester Cathedral in June 2021 with other schools around the county in a Climate Crisis  Forest


Below you will find information about our journey so far with this project and we are excited to be a part of such a wonderful Visual Arts exhibition and we are going to link it to our Eco Schools journey too.

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