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Art, Craft and Design-Subject Leader Mrs Clode

Art, Craft and Design


Our Vision


At Chandler's Ford Infant School we pride ourselves on our creativity. Our Art, Craft and Design scheme of work has been designed to engage, inspire and challenge all pupils. 


We believe that children have wonderful imaginations and that it is important to allow them to express their ideas, experiences and thoughts about the world. We understand that art, craft and design is a unique medium for listening to the voices of children and we recognise its benefits towards good mental health. Our scheme of work allows our pupils to develop their ability and confidence to experiment and invent their own works of art, craft and design. It nurtures their talents and interests and develops their appreciation of how art has shaped history and contributed to our rich and diverse cultural heritage. Our intent is to build the Cultural Capital of all of our students by providing them with a bank of rich cultural experiences. 


By the end of Key Stage 1 our intention is that our artists:

  • Understand that art is a visual language which can be used to express ideas, experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Deliberately choose, apply, and exercise care and control over the knowledge and skills they have been taught to produce their own unique work of art. 
  • Appreciate how art, craft and design has shaped history and contributed to our rich and diverse cultural heritage and they can draw on this in their own work.


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