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   Communication with Parents


At Chandler’s Ford Infant School it is important for us to work in partnership with parents and carers.

We believe in an open communication between staff and parents in order to ensure that the children have the smoothest possible education at our school.


How we communicate with you as parents:

  • Our weekly Friday newsletter provides you with up-coming dates as well as key notifications.  You will receive this via email.  You can also access them through our website
  •  We send out a complete list of key dates for the year.  This is updated half termly with any changes or additions
  • Year groups send out topic newsletters with key information.  This is sent out separately by email to the relevant classes
  • All copies of correspondence are available on the school website to download at any time.  If you require a paper copy please pop into the school office
  • When we hold a meeting in school it will be set up as an event in the school calendar on the website.  If you sync the calendar with your phone you will get an automatic reminder before the event


How can you communicate with us:

  • If there is an urgent message for the day please speak briefly to the member of staff on the door
  • You may also write a note or come into the office and talk to one of the office staff
  • You can phone the school at any time to speak to a member of staff.  Teaching staff cannot usually return your call during class time, however, will always get back to you  as soon as possible
  • You can email the school on  (Please note that this route may take a little while for a member of staff to get back to you, so it is not for urgent messages)
  • There are key parent consultation times throughout the year, however, you are welcome to come and talk to your child’s teacher at any time.  End of the day is best for this
  • You may ask to speak to the headteacher at any time and, if she is free, she will see you straight away.  If not, an appointment will be made