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Food and Drink

What will my child eat at lunchtime?

Universal Infant Free School Meals provide a school meal at lunchtime for all Infant School children (Reception, Year 1, Year 2) free of charge with no registration required, alternatively you can provide a packed lunch from home.

Our schools meal provider is ABM Catering Ltd who trade under the brand GROW for primary schools. GROW deliver a vibrant lunch service in our school, and the menus are shown below.


The menus operate on a 3-week cycle and include main meals including a vegetarian option, jacket potato with filling or pasta with tomato sauce, filled baps / sandwiches / baguettes and a dessert of the day. Meals also include freshly baked bread, seasonal vegetables, a salad bar and a refreshing fruit-infused Hydration Station.


For children on a medical special diet, personal menus are assigned according to individual needs.


The children select their meal choice in class on the day. 

For children that require a medical special diet, please click this link to apply for this online. ABM Catering Ltd require medical evidence from a GP, Dietician or other relevant health professional if any dietary requirements fall outside of the 14 allergens (celery, molluscs, gluten, mustard, crustaceans, nuts, eggs, peanuts, fish, sesame seeds, lupin, soya, milk and sulphur dioxide). If you have any issues accessing or completing the form, please let us know. 


What snacks will my child have at school?

As a school, we have adopted a healthy approach to eating. We participate in the Government fruit and vegetable scheme, whereby all of our children are offered a piece of fruit or vegetable as a mid-morning snack, which is eaten in the classroom. This, therefore, means that snacks do not need to be sent to school. There is no cost to parents/carers for the supply of these snacks.


What drinks will my child have at school?


New Reception children starting at the school will be provided with a milk scheme. School milk is free for under-5s, and for over-5s it is available at a subsidised price. Each child that registers with Cool Milk will receive a 189ml portion of semi-skimmed milk every day, delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom. Register online at Cool Milk for your child to receive milk at school. See below for our letter about the school milk scheme and a poster about the scheme for all children.



We ask children to bring in a water bottle each day.  They are encouraged to drink from this throughout the day and can refill from the classroom when they need to.


Are nuts allowed in school?

No. We have children with nut allergies. These children will be carrying an Epi pen at all times and staff are trained to use the equipment. It is vital that everyone adhere to our school policy of no nuts or nut products in lunch boxes, this includes e.g. peanut butter, nut based chocolate spreads, cereal bars with nuts, pistachio nuts, etc.

Healthy Schools

We are delighted to have been awarded with our renewed Enhanced Healthy Schools Status in April 2015. This has helped Chandler’s Ford Infant School become an even healthier place for everyone.

We are proud that:
  • The children know many ways of living a healthy lifestyle “we need fruit, vegetables, exercise and plenty of water”
  • Pupils enjoy the responsibilities of being school councillors (TED Reps), VIP’S and playground friends “We do loads of important and special jobs and make sure everybody has a friend.”
  • Our children feel safe and free from bullying through events such as anti-bullying week
  • We have achieved Activemark and involve sports coaches in our PE lessons
  • We involve children, staff, parents and governors in a working party to continue to embed and develop the healthy schools ethos in all aspects of school life
We will continue to ensure our school is a healthy school and are already developing this further.
  • During Healthy Schools Week parents came into school to sample our healthy lunches.