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Chandler's Ford Infant School

History & Geography - Subject Leader Mrs Ellis

Geography Vision

Our vision for Geography is to provide opportunities for pupils explore and explain the world that we live in. Geography is taught as part of our exciting, topic led curriculum. We use real places and real experiences as far as practically possible to make geography come alive for our children.


The National Curriculum focuses on locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork.


Geography is taught through enquiry based learning, which includes open-ended activities where the children are discovering things for themselves and more structured activities lead by the teachers. Our approach to geography enables children to develop an understanding of the relationship between people and the environment. The children can make connections and their learning is contextualised. Opportunities for fieldwork are provided through the exploration of our school grounds and the local area of Chandler’s Ford. Children are also give the first-hand experience of visiting a contrasting environment with our trip to Hillier Garden’s.


At Chandler’s Ford Infants our Geography learning fosters pupils curiosity and allows children to experience awe and wonder about the world that they live in.


History Vision

At Chandler’s Ford Infant School we strive to deliver an exciting and engaging history curriculum providing children with opportunities to explore the past through challenging enquiry-based learning.  The children will develop their chronology and historical enquiry skills whilst extending their knowledge and understanding of the past. Through topic-led activities, children will be able to make memorable connections on their learning journey. The children will be able to develop their historical skills through a sequence of engaging lessons with a range of different activities such as following an enquiry question, looking at artefacts, dressing in period clothing, visiting museums, watching film clips, having debates, talking and listening to visitors and making links to their own lives.