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Chandler's Ford Infant School

History & Geography - Subject Leader Mrs Ellis

Geography Vision

Our vision for Geography is to provide opportunities for all our children to begin to explore and explain the world that we live in. We use real places and real experiences, as far as practically possible, to make Geography come alive. 


By the end of Key Stage 1 our intention is that a Chandler's Ford Infant Geographer:

  • is curious and knowledgeable about the local area and the wider world using an understanding of key human and physical features
  • understands the relationship between people and the environment; fostering an eco-friendly mindset
  • makes memorable connections from mapping our school environment to our local area and beyond.



History Vision

At Chandler’s Ford Infant School we strive to deliver an exciting and engaging history curriculum providing children with opportunities to explore the past through challenging enquiry-based learning. Our children will develop their chronology and historical enquiry skills whilst extending their knowledge and understanding of the past.  


By the end of Key Stage 1 our intention is that a Chandler's Ford Infant Historian:

  • feels curious to ask and answer questions and want to find out more about the past
  • is able to follow a historical enquiry question and is beginning to understand how life today has been influenced by the past
  • feels inspired and empowered by looking at the chronology of historical stories and the lives of significant figures from the past.