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A child or children may be required to isolate in the following scenarios:

  • A child has to isolate for 14 days due to a family member testing positive for Covid.
  • A child has to isolate for 10 days due to testing positive themselves.
  • There is a positive case of Covid in the school meaning a whole bubble isolates.
  • There is a national lockdown requiring the school to close.


In these cases learning should continue and will be set from our school website.

If a child is off unwell, then they should not be attempting home learning.


Work will be either added to the yeargroup pages or emailed out to parents.

At home you will be required to support your child through these activities, however, we recognise that parents will need to balance working themselves so we aim to make the learning as simple as possible to follow.  


In the case that your child needs to isolate for 10 or 14 days, we will send you a week's learning plan along with any worksheets.  This will be based on key skills that your child needs to practise.  You may also request an exercise book for your child to work in.  Teachers will still be teaching the rest of the class at this point, however will aim to make contact with you during the isolation period to find out how your child is progressing and give feedback.

In the case that a whole bubble pops or there is national lockdown, we will update the yeargroup page with a 2-day learning plan initially.  Teachers will then work on a more detailed plan for the rest of the lockdown.  We will supply any worksheets and exercise books for you to work in for this.  You should email completed work in by 1pm each day in order to receive feedback that day.  Please note, if your child's teacher is ill, then it may be the other class teacher who sets work and gives feedback.

Year R feedback will continue to be on Tapestry.

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