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Chandler's Ford Infant School


Lunch time at Chandler’s Ford Infant School is a time to socialise, have fun and keep active. We have lots on offer on the playground and in the dinner hall, all supported by a wonderful team of lunch time supervisors, led by Mrs Jenner. 




Our top playground is dedicated to ‘Active Zone’ where we have different equipment out for each day of the week. This varies from Football Thursday (a very popular day in the Active Zone!) and Skipping Rope Tuesday to encourage the children to keep up their skipping skills after our ‘Skip-a-thon’ fundraising challenge. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to engage in competitive and non-competitive sports with a variety of ages. It encourages the Year 2’s to be respectful of the children playing that may be younger than them and also gives Year R and 1 some aspirations and role-models to look up to.


Every Wednesday, Charlie, our incredible Sports Coach, trains up three Year 2 children to be the Sports Leaders for the week. He then spends Wednesday lunchtime teaching them how to play and deliver particular sports based games and challenges; some of which are scored activities to encourage a bit of healthy competition. The the most popular activities are usually 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', 'Splat' and 'Get a Spot', all of which are fun, engaging and active games. It is then the Sports Leader’s responsibility to source the equipment they need and run their activity on the playground for the next week and encourage children to participate. They continue with these activities until the following Wednesday when the Sports Leaders change over.


Whilst everyone is enjoying their lunch, four children from Year 2 are chosen to be ‘Mini Chefs’. They get to wear aprons and chef hats and love getting to take on some of the​​​​​​​ responsibilities in the dinner to hall including; wiping down tables, stacking chairs, helping the younger children to clear the plates etc. This a great opportunity to learn additional life skills the help prepare them for the future.


Throughout the week, the lunchtime supervisors give out raffle tickets to those children that have shone for various reasons. This could be for good table manners, listening and following instructions, helping others, being a good role-model, sharing etc. The raffle tickets get put in a pot ready for Crown Assembly on a Friday. Ten names are pulled out of the raffle ticket pot and these children get to choose a toy from the lucky dip box!


Every Friday, one child from each class gets chosen to sit at ‘Top Table’ – a special treat where they get the silver service! They sit and relax at their table with a nice table cloth and flowers whilst the grown-ups collect and serve them their dinner! Each child is chosen for having impeccable table manners during the week, being polite to others and being considerate of the hall environment. These children also have their name printed in the weekly newsletter to celebrate their success.