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Chandler's Ford Infant School

Religious Education - Subject Leader Miss Stonehouse

Religious Education in our school follows Living Difference iii which is the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus for schools.

Religious Education is an enquiry-based learning where children explore concepts which are important to different religions.  The main religions we study are Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.  Our intention is to develop respectful and responsible individuals who are confident to express their own opinions and ideas as well as being able to show curiosity and acceptance of the beliefs of others.  We teach the children to explore, challenge, respect and celebrate.  They learn that everyone belongs and is accepted no matter what their beliefs and, as such, aim to prepare them for their future, ever-changing life in modern Britain. 

Religious Education is taught in a discrete block, once every half term.  We encourage visitors who may have expertise in a particular religion to come in and talk to the children.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to come and discuss them with us.