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Starting or returning to School

Although some children have returned to school already, for many, the new autumn term will be their first time stepping into a classroom since lockdown began.


Understandably, this may be a strange or worrying time for some children, parents and carers, and schools. We know that supporting children’s mental wellbeing during the return to school is a key priority. To help you, we’ve collected together lots of useful resources all focused on making sure the return to classrooms in the autumn is a mentally healthy one.

While We Can't Hug

Available now! Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. From the creators of the internationally ador...

Coming back to school in a bubble

An audio recording of a short book to help 3-7 year old children back to school in their new covid-safe environments. Download the book here

Two Meters Away - Social Distancing Song for Kids

This catchy song teaches kids about social distancing, explains why it's important to stay 2 meters away when around others and how long that really is. The ...