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Chandler's Ford Infant School

Story Time

Two stories on sport

Mrs Clode reads a story about football and another about basketball. Both stories are about following a dream.

Recycling Stories

Mrs Clode reads two stories about recycling

Where does food come from?

Mrs Clode takes you around her garden and she and Stanley will show you what food they grow and collect there. Then she will read a story entitled "Oliver's ...

The Giant Jam Sandwich

The Giant Jam Sandwich is a children's picture book, with story and pictures by John Vernon Lord and verses by Janet Burroway. The rhyming story tells how th...

A Teddy Bears Picnic and a story

A story: Nothing by Mick Inkpen

A little creature lies forgotten in the attic, not even knowing its name. Prompted by a vague memory, it escapes outside and discovers a big, new world. Grad...

A Story "Finding Wild"

A lovely, lyrical picture book by Megan Wagner Lloyd with gorgeous illustrations that explores the ways the wild makes itself known to us and how much closer...

Six Dinner Sid

Jack and the flum flum tree

Giraffes Can't Dance