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TED Reps (Together Everybody Decides) is our School Council.

The TED Reps meet regularly with Mrs Mitchell to discuss issues and ideas about the school.  TED Reps talk to other children in their class to find out their ideas and represent these views at meetings.


Congratulations to our new TED representatives:

Year 1 - Cordelia, Tom, Charlie, Harry, Valerie & Leo

Year 2 - Lilliana, Edie, Alfie, Grace, Freya & Tommy


The TEDs have had a really successful year. We have raised awareness of recycling and the use of plastic in our school.  Lots of children were inspired by our assembly and some made their own posters to portray the important messages. We now have more recycling bins around school and  no longer have single use plastic cups in the dinner hall. We are not using plastic bags for school trip lunches and are using a 'bag for life' to take our school work home in this year.


The year 2 TEDs helped to interview candidates for three teaching roles next year. They were polite and friendly to all the new people they met and were able to ask some excellent questions. All our visitors were very impressed and they made me and their teachers very proud.


Lastly, we had a TED rep lunch. This took place in the rainbow room with myself, Mrs Smith and two representatives of HC3S. They were able to represent their fellow pupils and say what they liked about the school meals, what meals or ingredients they were less enthusiastic about, and what suggestions they had to improve the meals. Their ideas and responses were very mature. They recognised that the meals have to be healthy and they were very aware of what a healthy meal looks like.


What a fantastic and enthusiastic bunch!