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W/C 29th June 2020 - Geography Week: Our Environment and Climate Change

This week is geography week. We will be looking at our local environment and what we like about it. You might like to start with the view from your own window, a bit like the boy in one of our books this week. 'The Window' is a wordless picture book by Jeannie Baker that looks at how the view from Sam's window changes over his life. You will find a link to some slides showing the pictures from the book on the home learning grid. There there are lots of opportunities to get outside and explore your favourite views in the local area too.


As part of our topic about changing environments, we will also be thinking about the big subject of climate change, focusing on energy usage. There is a power point on the website with an 'Introduction to Climate Change' for children which is a good place to start. Children may well have picked up on stories that have been in the news about wildfires, storms and melting ice caps etc, and this may be worrying for them. We feel it is really important to give children accurate information and hope. So any discussion about the causes and problem of climate change should be followed by the solutions and actions we can all take to solve the problem. There are materials on the website to help with this.


One of the positive aspects that you might like to explore with your child is how we can get energy and electricity using sources such as the wind, sun and water instead of fossil fuels. There are lots of ideas for making wind powered toys or using solar power to cook with on the website which demonstrate how much energy they make in a fun way.


Wherever you are learning this week, we hope you have fun exploring your environment.

Home Education Grid for Geography Week 29th June 2020

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