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Chandler's Ford Infant School

Week Beg: 31st January

In English we are reading the story of Dear Greenpeace and then developing vocabulary to describe a polar animal that we might see out of our bedroom window. The children will then write their own descriptions, not revealing what the animal is until the very end. The focus is interesting sentence openers and adventurous vocabulary. Imagine that the animal is hidden behind a bush or tree and describe it bit by bit e.g. the nose, eyes, ears. Then finally reveal what the animal is.

In maths, the children are learning to take-away by drawing their own number lines. Take away 10 from a 2-digit number to begin with and show this on a number line. Draw the jump underneath, starting on the right hand side so that it shows a jump backwards for subtraction.  If your child is really confident at taking away 10, choose a teens number and show the jump of 10 and then take away the units.  Encourage your child to use their mental maths.


The children are also consolidating their understanding of fractions. Use the PowerPoints to find out about fractions.

In phonics this week the children are learning to spell words and understand the alternative spellings for s.