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Chandler's Ford Infant School

Windy Weather Work!

We have been learning how to write letters in English and thinking about how we remember special people in our lives during our RE lessons. Can the children write a letter to a special friend or member of their family? But please don't go out to post it until the storm has passed!

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and learning to describe the properties of these shapes using the vocabulary faces, edges and vertices ( where straight edges meet). Can the children find some food packets in the kitchen cupboard and describe the properties of the 3D shape e.g. a tin of tomatoes is a cylinder. It has 2 curved edges. It has 3 faces but 2 of the faces are flat and one is curved. For an extra challenge can the children compare 2 shapes and say what is the same about them and what is different?

Have a go at learning to spell the common exception words by doing Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check. Create a spelling scribble, a spelling pyramid or do rainbow spelling. Have a go at doing your best joined up handwriting!