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Teaching Staff

June 2017

Head Teacher Mrs M. Strong
Deputy Head Teacher Miss L. Holmes
Reception - Acorn Class Teacher Miss L. Witchard
Reception - Conker Class Teacher Miss V. Salentino
Year 1 - Apple Class Teacher Mrs K. Kruger
Year 1 - Cherry Class Teachers

Mrs N. Bundle

& Mrs E. Clode

Year 2 - Cedar Class Teacher Mrs E. Ruos
Year 2 - Beech Class Teachers

Mrs S. Mitchell  &

Mrs E. Brokenshire

Pupil Premium Mrs E. Brokenshire

Teaching Assistants

June 2017

Reception - Conker Class Mrs E. Thurlow
Reception - Acorn Class Mrs T. Pitman
Year 1 - Cherry Class Mrs A. Steele
Year 1 - Apple Class Mrs M. Byrne
Key Stage 1 SEN Mrs C. Nichols
Year 2 SEN shared

Mrs S. Sprack

& Mrs A. Letch

Year 2 SEN shared

Mrs C. Beverton &

Mrs S. Collingwood

Year 2 Mrs S. Hill

Key Stage 1 SEN

& Pupil Premium

Mrs S. Williams
Year 2 - Beech Class Mrs Z. Johnson

Year 2 - Cedar Class


Mrs C. Cox


June 2017

Office - Admin & Finance Officer

Mrs E. Wilkins
Office - Admin Assistant Mrs H. Blaker

Office - Admin Assistant

& ICT Technician

Mrs D. Magill
Caretaker Mr G. Clark


Senior Supervisor

Mrs M. Bakali
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs S. Hill
Mrs C. Nichols Mrs S. Sprack
Mrs B. Davey Mrs J. Bradshaw
Mrs A. Bundy Miss K. Young
School Cook Mrs J. Smith
Kitchen Assistant Mrs A. Palman
Kitchen Assistant Mrs E. Billimore