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Welcome to our Year 2 page!

Scouting Founders Day 15.2.19

Scouting Founders Day 15.2.19 1
Scouting Founders Day 15.2.19 2

Snowy Fun 1.02.19

Welcome To Year 2 Information Leaflet

Year 2 - Trip to Milestones Museum

Year 2 had an amazing day at the Milestones Museum. All the adults were very proud of the children's excellent behaviour. We split into 2 groups and explored the museum in the morning and had work shops and activities in the afternoon. We found a Victorian man sitting on his outdoor loo! We discovered lots of unusual items and adverts in the Victorian shops and found out that 1p was called 1d in Victorian times. In our second activity session we role played getting ready for Queen Victoria's Jubilee. We had an amazing day and learnt loads!

Cedar Class Victorian Photots

In the afternoon we had workshops and activities. We got to be Victorian children in a Victorian school room. Mrs Ruos got told off by the strict teacher! 

Beech class photos

We had a go at writing with chalk and blackboards. It was harder than it looked!


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Well what a day we have had! On Tuesday the 13th of November we went back in time to experience a day at a Victorian school. Our teachers met us outside to begin the day in a line of girls and boy. We noticed our teachers being extra strict and we had to be very quiet as we learnt that children should be seen and not heard!


Our lessons were very boring, as we had to copy the 2x tables and do handwriting with chalk and a black board which is quite challenging to do. We had to keep stopping for a cleanliness check where the teachers would check our hands to see if they were too dirty. A few times the teachers asked children to sit on the dunce chair, which was very funny indeed. We used strange words that day like luncheon, arithmetic, transcription and recreation time. It took us a while to get used to. We made Victorian optical illusions and even did a quiz on Queen Victoria. In the afternoon we had a drill which was like a P.E lesson instead of a playtime.


At the end of the day out teachers asked if we enjoyed our day and we asked for tomorrow to be the same!!





P.E - Wednesday pm and Thursday pm


Homework is now set on a weekly basis except on longer breaks where we will set a larger project piece of homework.


The children are responsible for changing their own reading books in Year 2 and should be reading regularly at home as well as practising class spellings.