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The Climate Unity Project 2022

Our Web of Connections which is displayed at Southampton Art Gallery

The voice of the next generation-willow weaving at Chandler's Ford Infant School

After the success of the ‘Our Climate Change Forest ‘project 2020-21 we wanted  to participate in the continuation project which address a range of perspectives on the climate issue facing us all. Like before the voice of our school community is expressed through the medium of Art.


Climate Unity Project 2022 Rationale

• To capture and share schools' voices and those of the wider community in thinking about Climate unity we are planning a series of installations across the County next summer 2022.

• The Southampton Gallery will feature schools’ work and it is hoped that schools will do additional pieces to sit in the community alongside other participants from community groups across Hampshire.

• Artwork will comprise of circular work using recycled materials to be symbolic of the planet and ideas about eternity and inclusion. The circle, round, sphere and ring

• The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity and timelessness.

• Embedding ideas about Climate Change, eternity, protection and inclusion


The Brief

• Inside and outside space: This project will also be promoting community cohesion across the county by providing several different public spaces to include provide venues to share those varied and diverse perspectives - libraries and gardens around Hampshire.

• So, this year we need to produce 2 pieces of artwork

• One that can be housed outside in a public space- Hiltingbury Lakes

• One that can be hung and displayed in Southampton Art Museum

Our inside art project is going to be a textile piece inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois.

The life of Louise Bourgeois

Our Sculptural Piece

Our outdoor sculpture will also be a woven piece which again uses the idea of the spider but this piece will be made from willow inspired by the artist Ruth Asawa.

A Life made by hand

Year R willow weaving

Year 1 willow weaving

Year 2 Willow weaving video

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