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Miss Mac reads Walter's Wonderful Web!

Walter's Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood.Read by Miss MacMusic from

A Brief History of Weaving

Introduction to Weaving for Kids

This introduction to weaving for kids is a great craft-at-home activity because it uses just cardboard and basic craft supplies you probably have around the ...

How Spiders Make Webs

The spider's web is one of nature's greatest engineering feats but how are they made? Find out in just 30 seconds with our simple explanation, complete with ...

Spider Web Time-Lapse | Earth Unplugged

We filmed a garden orb web spider building their amazing spider web in this time lapse as well as slow motion footage as they capture their first prey with i...

Spider-Man Music 1967-69 (ALL Background Music)

Every piece of music from the original 1967 series, talking parts and sound effects removed as much as possible, pieced back together into complete form. All...