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Autumn 1

Maths day!


On Monday 25th September we took part in a whole school maths day! We based our learning on the book "The Real Princess, A Mathemagical Tale", this fit with our fairytales theme as well as welcoming lots of discussion on different mathematical concepts. 


We focussed on the character of the Queen, who had magical peas in her counting house. We used this idea to look at bonds to 10 and 20. We experimented with lots of different resources and even began to make links with part-part-whole jottings and the inverse relationship. 


Here are some things we heard in class on that day:


"If I know 3+7= 10, I know 13+7 = 20"


"I can work out some take aways from my adding. 4+6=10 so 10-6=4"


"Bonds to 20 are easy if you know bonds to 10"


"I love maths!"