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Spring 2

Spring 2- The Great Fire of London

Our next topic will be all about "The Great Fire of London". This topic will have a history focus which will inspire our writing, art and music work. Alongside this topic we will also be learning about "Data and information – Grouping data" in Computing and "Properties of Materials" in science. In phonics we will be moving onto phase 5B and in handwriting we will be recapping Len’s Ladder Letters and Curly Cals Letters.


This is a wonderful topic that excites and inspires the students and we are looking forward to all of the wonderful learning ahead.


The Year 1 Team

Find out more about what we will be learning

Here are a few activities you might like to do at home:

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys - Great Fire of London

Copyright BBC

During the Great Fire of London

"Where There's Smoke..." is an exciting new programme for key stage one (5 -- 7 year olds) from The Play House that blends participatory drama, storytelling, teacher-in-role and paper play to explore the impact and significance of the Great Fire of London, and to enable children to empathise with the human stories involved in such a disaster.

Great Fire of London song | September 1666 | by Al Start | ideal for school topic

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more songs! (lyrics and info below) *Free school membership for 2022 with access to loads of signed songs for Primary Schools. More information here: SEPTEMBER 1666: This song tells the story of the Great Fire of London.