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Learning to Learn Values

The Learning to Learn Values take the form of superheroes and the images are found across school to remind children of the learning skills we are encouraging them to develop. We encourage children to recognise when they have applied these values to their learning and used the vocabulary associated with each superhero. We use the superheroes to demonstrate how children can be active, confident, explorative and thoughtful and we encourage them to recognise these characteristics in themselves and their peers.
ing Active Arnold! He is the most dynamic superhero; always on the go and trying new things.  He encourages children to be “Active learners” and participate fully, whatever the activity. He is always enthusiastic about the learning in class and always joins in; even when he does not know the answer or is not familiar with the task or the skill.


Clara, as her names suggests is the more confident Superhero. She is happy to take the lead and encourages others to “have a go!” She is resilient in her learning and does not let mistakes and misunderstanding prevent her from trying again. She encourages children to keep on trying until they succeed.      

Explorer Ellie demonstrates how children can investigate the world around them; to be curious and interested in finding out.  Children are encouraged to be explorers in their learning, to be curious about the world around them, to ask questions about what they see and to find out more by using all of their senses.  

Thinking Theo is the quieter, more reflective of our Superheroes. He is successful by evaluating his learning and making improveme
nts. Children are encouraged to be like Theo by having their own ideas and trying them out; modifying and improving as they go. Theo shows children how to make links between their learning and to solve problems by using what they already know.