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Chandler's Ford Infant School

English - Subject Leader Mrs Ruos

Teaching of English at Chandlers Ford Infant School takes place across the curriculum and includes speaking and listening, reading, including phonics and writing including spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting. Some of these aspects of English including phonics and handwriting we teach discretely. However most of our English curriculum is taught through topics, some of which are history, geography or science based. At the heart of our topics are rich texts, both fiction and non-fiction which inspire the children and provide the children with models for their own writing. Writing has a purpose and an audience where possible and includes a variety of genres, e.g. information, narrative, poetry.


A Chandler’s Ford Reader

Finds pleasure in reading a variety of genres.

Feels secure and confident when sharing their ideas, questions and reflections relating to a text.

Develops good phonological awareness to enable them to read with pace, fluency and expression.


A Chandler’s Ford Writer

Feels empowered to be creative and inspired to write for a range of audiences and purposes.

Feels resilient when editing and improving their own work, showing their pride in what they have achieved.

Feels secure in their knowledge of language by orally rehearsing their ideas, expanding their vocabulary.




Subject Leader - Mrs Ruos