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Lent Challenge

On Friday 4 March, the children received a tube of smarties and a card about Edith’s Hope Lent Challenge. We hope that you will get involved to support this.

For more information visit this link. Edith’s Hope are raising money to support families in Kumi, Uganda, to build 10 homes for some of the orphaned children and families that they support. Anyone can take part, and set a 40-day challenge. Complete the challenge every day for 40 days (except Sundays!) to raise money for Edith’s Hope.

The steps to complete the Smarties Challenge are:

1, collect and enjoy your smarties

2, name and design your tube

3, do jobs at home to earn 20ps or £1 coins during Lent

4, fill your tubes and bring them back to school by Friday 8 April

5, know that you did something awesome for an orphaned child.


The Smarties Challenge will raise awareness that even though we are all different and unique, we are all have a right to be treated fairly. And that whilst there is a difference between the hardship of orphaned children, not always having enough to eat, and the privilege the majority of us have, we can use some of what we have to love and be hope to those who haven’t.


100% of the money you raise goes to Uganda. Our staff will also give prizes to the best designed tubes. Go challenge yourself!